Testimonials & Reviews

"It was a miracle."

Shaina & Mutts Behave is hands down the best dog training that we have worked with. We adopted a young bulldog, not knowing ALL of the health and behavioral problems we would encounter along the way. When we weren’t getting anywhere with other trainers and behavioral issues weren’t getting fixed, we got desperate to find someone that could really work with the numerous issues we were having. Shaina came to our house and within minutes of her arrival had our bulldog under control, it was a miracle. She always explains why the dog is acting the way she is as well as why the correction/affection/pressure etc is appropriate to do at that time. She has translated so many actions from our pup into an easy to understand situation. She has given us countless advice on grooming, health, food, nutrition, toys, food, supplements, essential oils, calming remedies, allergy relief, and doctor/specialist referrals. Anytime we have a question or issue outside of training she is quick to respond via text, phone call or email. For anyone looking for a great trainer – stop here. So far Shaina has been a complete blessing – she has completely changed the dynamic of our household in the best way possible. We can now relax and enjoy the company of our dogs without the worry and struggle we experiences before. We will be participating in the offleash program in a couple months, and can’t wait for it to begin. We will be lifelong customers of Mutts Behave and refer any friends/family we know to her company.
Pamela Guevara-Malliet
Laguna Beach, CA

"She seems to be proud of what she has learned."

I have a very big white dog, a Polish sheepdog. She looks like a polar bear and is taller than me when it stands up. I’m 5’7”. Her name is Zosha and she is still puppy, very playful and exuberant, trying to jump up at anyone she meets and barking at everything that moves. Before Shaina helped me I was unable to walk Zosha, as she is also very protective of me and people felt threatened by her behavior. Just imagine a giant dog with a big mouth jumping up at you and growling into your face. She is also very strong and it was difficult for me to hold her when she decided to go after a cat, squirrel, bird, skunk, mouse or even just some dangerous looking Halloween decoration…I needed help and Shaina gave it to me. Within just two private training sessions she taught my dog and me how to handle those situations. Amazing! Zosha is still a young and playful dog, but now we can walk together without scaring other people and without me being in constant danger of falling down. She seems to be proud of what she has learned. Sometimes she still doesn’t come immediately when I call her and when we play in my backyard she is still wild and happy. I’m very thankful to Shaina, because now I’m happy too when around this big gentle dog.
Marilies Schoepflin
La Jolla, CA

"We learned that we were not giving Daisy the structure and limitations she needed to be a calm member of the family."

We are so happy to have found Shaina. We adopted Daisy, a German Shepherd Dog, through GSROC. We quickly found our lives being run by our new family member. She became very possessive of us and aggressive toward everyone and everything else she came in contact with including passing cars. We started private lessons with Shaina two weeks after adopting Daisy. We learned that we were not giving Daisy the structure and limitations she needed to be a calm member of the family. After just a month and a half of lessons we could see a major change in Daisy. Two months later, we joined group classes run by Shaina and other trainers. With her support we established a good foundation for what we needed to be strong leaders for Daisy. During those sessions began preliminary socialization skills. Six months later, she made her first doggie friend with a neighborhood dog. We could not have been any more proud of her that day. Today she has so many doggie friends we can’t even keep track. One year after we adopted Daisy we added a new addition to our household, a six pound fourteen ounce bouncing baby boy. Shaina gave us some tips on how to prepare our little girl for her new brother. Daisy bonded to little Andrew very quickly and she deferred alpha status to him immediately. Although we no longer are actively training with Shaina, we are still putting the methods we learned with her into our daily work with Daisy. Shaina checks in on us from time to time and we are happy she has been a part of our lives.”
Charlene & Dave Simpkins
Costa Mesa, CA

"The training techniques are effective, useful, and to the point."

We highly recommend Mutts Behave for all your training needs! Before contacting Mutts Behave we had never used any formal training with either of our dogs (and boy could you tell). The training techniques are effective, useful, and to the point. We are so appreciative of Shaina; she really came in and saved the day! She was very knowledgeable and informative and we have seen a tremendous difference in behaviors and overall attitude since our training.
Sara & Jeff Lewis
Costa Mesa, CA

"It is such a relief."

Shaina is absolutely amazing. I have 2 small dogs – one very possessive over me and the other very shy and timid. She immediately helped me understand the dynamic from the dogs perspective and why things were the way they were (and why I wasn’t getting anywhere with the training methods I was using). She’s helped me become the pack leader and gain control of the one possessive dog while also guiding me on how to train our other shy dog. Our walks are now structured enjoyable activities, where as before they were a little bit of a struggle and became frustrating with the lack of cooperation with one of our dogs. This is no longer the case. I feel like I’ve taken back control of the house because I have the dogs calm and obedient. It is such a relief. The best thing about using Shaina is that I’ve seen immediate results. The very day of our first training session the dynamic in our house changed for the better. I’d highly recommend Mutts Behave to anyone looking to have a more enjoyable relationship with their dogs on walks, in public, at home, around strangers, etc. Not only did Shaina give us great training tools but she helped us with grooming questions to reduce shedding, advice on best pet foods to keep our lovable pups healthy, and much much more. She has a wealth of knowledge and is now only trainer I will go to for advice.
Kerri Waldo
Aliso Viejo, CA

"The difference is beyond my expectations."

I can't say enough about Shaina at Mutts Behave! I have a pocket pit bull who is as stubborn as the day is long. My Smudge has spent time being trained throughout his puppyhood with Shaina and the difference is beyond my expectations. I have a very polite and well behaved young man now who is still stubborn yet does concede. He is great with kids and just a joy to be around. I also board him with Shaina when I travel as I trust her implicitly with my Smudge. He is well taken care of and always comes home squeaky clean with his nails filed. You can't go wrong with Mutts Behave!!!!”
Adrienne Worley
Newport Beach, CA

"Benefited my dogs and I so much."

Shaina is incredibly knowledgeable. I've learned so much from just a couple of consultations so far. Her expertise and straightforwardness are so appreciated. Implementing what Shaina has taught me so far, has benefited my dogs and I so much. Thank you so much, Shaina! “
Gina Lee
Huntington Beach, CA