My name is Shaina and I am the founder and Lead trainer of Mutts Behave. My ultimate goal is to bridge the gap of communication between owner and dog. I teach owners to become the true definition of a Pack Leader. Leaders are patient, calm and clear in their communication. They are not Intimidating, harsh or unfair in use of force. They are calm and offer an emotionally stable guide for a stress free environment. I teach dogs how to live in peace with their owners.

A calm, well mannered dog is welcome almost everywhere you go! Inclusion being one of the greatest rewards you can give your dog. Fulfilling their role as your companion is what makes your dog happiest! It is my pleasure to help you get to this point with your furry best friend!

My obsession with dogs began as far back as I remember. The first memory I have is of Pickles, the happy go lucky Golden Retriever that came to work with his owners everyday at the local Market. From then on I was hooked on dogs. It was always noted anytime there was a dog in the room, that is where you would find my undivided attention.

At the age of 12 I began volunteering with local dog rescue organizations. I spent my entire weekends at Adoption events helping out however needed. It is such an amazing feeling to bond so closely with these abandoned dogs, then watch them trot off with their now forever home. There were many rescue dogs I fostered over time, which is how my Grandparents ended up with 3 dogs! My Grandpa will never let me live that down!

From Angie the starved neglected German Shepherd who was afraid of everything, but had the greatest trust in me. To Star, the the lil red fire engine of Staffordshire Terrier who made me fall in love with the breed. Many of these dogs I came across had minor to major behavior issues which spiked my intrigue into dog psychology and canine communication. I wanted to know how to help them thrive despite the odds stacked against them.

Although becoming a trainer wasn’t something that had ever crossed my mind. As time went on I became more and more versed in all things dogs. Believing passionately that there is always more to learn.

At 19 ripe years of age I adopted a 6 week old Pitbull/Boxer mix puppy from a local shelter. I named this sassy little girl Sasha. Within a few days I knew I was in trouble with some big behavior issues. From the most severe separation anxiety, extreme hypersensitivity, blowing up at the end of the leash, and panicing in all situations outside the comfort of home. The situation was out of control and nothing I knew up to that point, nor the methods I was using were helping either of us.

Through studying with some of the best trainers and behaviorists in the Nation, I discovered what I was missing. The relationship portion of training and also building trust through clear communication. Communication in which the dog understands. These are the most critical parts of successful and effective training. Up to this point I had not learned how to effectively communicate with my dog in a way that made sense to her. Once I began putting these new methods I was learning into practice, my relationship with Sasha was the best it had ever been. I learned so much from Sasha and although she has since passed away I am learning from my experiences with her as my knowledge grows.

We all have that one dog that gets us into training and I have no one but her to thank for that. Because now I have the ability to help save dogs lives who would otherwise lose their home or their life because no one understood them and what they needed. I absolutely love my job and look forward to working with all the dogs in need that I can. Educating every owner to be the best person they can be for their dogs.

I don’t blame dogs for their behavior, because up to this point they couldn’t help what they have become. There is nothing more fulfilling than helping a dog find their way back to a life of calm and balance.

"I feel like I've taken back control of the house because I have the dogs calm and obedient. It is such a relief. The best thing about using Shaina is that I've seen immediate results."

Kerri Waldo
Aliso Viejo, CA