3 Easy Steps to Exercise Your Dog When it Rains


In Southern California it is VERY rare that we see enough rain to put a damper on our dogs exercise routine. Well This year has been a bit different and the rain is in fact putting a damper on our routine. Even though it is raining and we as human are more than happy turning on the fire and snuggling down on the couch and watching Netflix. This doesn’t satisfy your dog, they still need the exercise and engagement with you to drain energy to remain balanced and stay out of trouble. Here are 3 super EASY steps to fulfilling your dog on Rainy days.

  1. Treadmill
  2. This is an incredibly easy and effortless option for you to satisfy your dog’s physical needs. By dedicating two, 15-30 minute sessions per day when the weather sucks this will drain your dog mentally and physically satisfy them until this unfavorable weather clears up and you can get back to your regular walk routine.

  3. Scent Games
  4. A great activity for you and your dog to do together on rainy days is to play various scent games. Your dogs nose is the strongest sense they possess, so any encouragement of its use its fun for them and they love doing things with you. The benefits of these games are endless. It encourages bonding and a greater relationship with, fulfills natural instincts to hunt, all while draining mental and physical energies. Watch here for examples of fun scent games for rainy days. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJxG--4t3SU&t=205s

  5. Obedience / Tricks
  6. Rainy days are great for practicing your basic obedience skills or picking a new trick to practice and master. Again the benefits are endless. Engaging with your dog, building trust and relationship, learning something new and working together. All while draining mental energy. This doesn’t have to be an hour or even 30 minutes, all you need to dedicate to these activities is commercial time. So when the commercial hits practice with your dog 2-3 minutes then break for your show, rinse and repeat.

    "3 minutes of training everyday is better than 30 minutes on Saturday"
    – Marc Goldberg