5 Ways To Mentally Exercise Your Dog

Training Dog Southern California

Let's say you walk your dog twice a day for over an hour each, play games like fetch for 45 minutes, and on top of that give your dog all the toys and bones he could ever want to chew on. But still he is hyper and bouncing off the walls. You're thinking, "How is this possible?!"


Top 10 Tips to Keeping a Dog-Stink Free Home

We love our dogs but sometimes the smell can be just too much. Being a Professional Dog Trainer and mildly OCD lol. With dogs flowing in and out of my home, keeping a fresh smelling and clean home is crucial to my sanity.


3 Easy Steps to Exercise Your Dog When it Rains

exercise your dog during bad weather

In Southern California it is VERY rare that we see enough rain to put a damper on our dogs exercise routine. Well This year has been a bit different and the rain is in fact putting a damper on our routine. Even though it is raining and we as human are more than happy turning on the fire and snuggling down on the couch and watching Netflix. This doesn’t satisfy your dog, they still need the exercise and engagement with you to drain energy to remain balanced and stay out of trouble. Here are 3 super EASY steps to fulfilling your dog on Rainy days.